Friday, April 25, 2014

Filling passport pages in Houston

As the most ethnically diverse city in the nation, you can imagine that Houston always has something happening which is influenced by well-known and sometimes obscure cultures. We especially embrace this, since it's part of what makes Houston so special. The art, food, dance, religions, and cultural customs which converge upon HTX daily, distinguished from one another yet threaded together by the 90-plus languages spoken here on any day.

The Japan Festival is a decades-long tradition in our city to celebrate the 'Way of Japan' - from both ancient and current perspectives. Since the Asian population in Houston continues to grow and have a larger hand in shaping our city, its popularity also grows. Here are some scenes from the event...

the warriors ...

 the anime ...

of course Capri knew every character ...

Can't wait for the International Festival - this year Australia is a theme! G'day, mate.
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Welcoming our new granddaughter

Hard to imagine it at my young age (cough, cough), but we now have three granddaughters. Actually, I did none of the hard work - like giving birth or raising kids to get to this point. But it's so nice to reap the rewards of being a grandparent. 

Hard to imagine that Louanne and Mike went to China to adopt Nadia almost seven years ago, and that Amelie is already four. Now there is Dani, who just turned two, and has been living in this country for just a few short weeks. To say the least, she's adorable. And she's learning English at an astonishing rate. And she has her own distinct personality, different from her two sisters. 

Greg and I were able to meet her, finally. We had waffles for dinner (apparently for Nadia and Amelie, the concepts of 'Papa' and 'waffles' are forever inextricably linked), and got in some fun playtime with all three. 

And we even got Dani to give us huge smiles and giggles for pictures (she usually wears a pouty face in group photos). I especially loved watching Nadia and Amelie play.  

The only slight disappointment is that there wasn't a spare superhero cape in my size. 

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