Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bad News, Good News, Rinse, Repeat...

Earlier today, our car broke down with what appears to be a blown radiator hose (let's hope that is all) while we were traveling back to Houston after our holiday visit to upstate NY.

Bad News: Blown hose has left no coolant in the radiator

Good News: It happened 8 miles east of Meridian, MS 

Bad News: It happened 8 miles east of Meridian, MS 

Good News: We made it to a Drury Inn that is dog friendly, with free wi-fi and free breakfast 

Bad News: There are no repair shops open today and possibly tomorrow 

Good News: We can walk next door to Buffalo Wild Wings 

Bad News: I told Brooke I would cut back on wings starting January 1 

Good News: I did not state what year I would start cutting back on wings 

Bad News: Brooke's understanding of the wings agreement may not sync with mine 

Good News: She is fair minded especially due to the automobile crisis 

Bad News: The CFT (Crisis Fairness Theory) has not been previously tested 

Good News: I am a skilled negotiator 

Bad News: Brooke is a more highly skilled negotiator 

Good News: At least I will have wing-fueled happiness 

Bad News: If Brooke isn't happy, there isn't a wing in the world that is worth it... 

Good News: This is only a temporary set-back 

Bad News: Temporary has a broad interpretation range 

Good News:  There are far worse things than being in Meridian, MS within walking distance of Bdubs

We are safe, we did not burn up the motor and we definitely will not starve anytime soon!  Happy New Year to all and our wishes to everyone is for a joyful and prosperous 2012.
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