Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When the hamster jumps off the wheel ...

... does the wheel keep spinning?

I've spent the past few years much as a hamster runs like mad on a wheel. And like a hammie, I'd sometimes get ahead of myself and trip, or fall a bit behind and get flung off the fast-moving wheel. 

Hamsters have an irresistible desire and need to jump on the wheel and run, run, run. They don't question why - they just keep running. And that's what I was doing. Moving in place, and lacking a sense of purpose - maybe I was just afraid to stop moving at top speed.

So now, I need to train myself to focus on good things in life, like eating better...

Exploring my creative side...

Hanging out...

...and just chilling for a bit. 

The wheel is going nowhere. 

And I'll take it for a spin again soon. 

But this time around, I'll do it with purpose, greater meaning and joy!

And maybe, just maybe, I'll get somewhere. 

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