Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Meddlesome Moth, and the French in Texas

The boys at Meddlesome Moth

Greg and I paid a long-overdue visit to Fort Worth to see his family. We had a great time, promised to visit more often, and discovered some pretty happening spots in Dallas.  

After a full day of play with the 2 1/2 year old and the 5 year old granddaughters (more exhausting than an extended workout but more fun), we met up with the Partridge clan (Greg's sister and family) at a place called Meddlesome Moth which has all these amazing rotating beers on tap from the far reaches of the globe, and totally delish food. This place is located in a former tile display showroom in the Design District with over 50 kinds of flooring and interesting stained glass windows. No recession happening here. I opted for a Czech something-I-cannot-possibly-pronounce.

Then, we headed over to Toulouse Cafe and Bar. Ahh, a little bit of French Bruxelles right in Texas, complete with the prerequisite French cafe chairs, murals and framed posters and yes, bone marrow on the menu. And some of the most perfectly made frites I've had on this side of the pond, accompanied by homemade aioli that served as a perfect foil for the frites through its tang of champagne vinegar. Note to self: begin working out at least two hours a day, three times a day...

Tile mural a la Toulouse

'Green Room' mussels - with jalapeno, shiitakes, champagne and garlic

Sunday morning was the traditional 'Wafflemania' at the Masons (Greg's daughter and our granddaughters) with a side of light sabre play to work up an appetite for breakfast. Nadia is so conditioned to Wafflemania that she'll ask her mom about it incessantly, making sure she pronounces 'waffle' just like Donkey does in Shrek. That little habit was created of course by Papa (Greg) - shocker.

The obligatory light sabre duel
All good weekends must come to an end, and so we headed back to Houston, a few pounds heavier and more tired but happy. This is a busy and ambitious week, and so I'm off to the races!
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  1. Fun weekend! :-) One of my blog friends used her waffle maker to cook an egg after her waffle...it actually worked...it looked funny but it worked.
    xoxo from Trinidad

  2. french bruxelles?! ugh, jealous!


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