Friday, February 3, 2012

The Glamah of Business Travel, Check That!

So, I have been traveling on business for many years and the majority of my friends (who do not travel for business) think that I have a very glamorous job. Do they not know how far it is to Sao Paulo, Brazil from Houston, TX? And with a change of planes in Miami? Oh, and the whole round-trip being completed in less than 36 hours, with 24 of those in the air? And in a middle seat in coach? Yea, that's glamorous!

Many think that travel to varied locations, even for work, is like going on little mini-vacations. The absolute truth is that I have been to many places, yet I have seen very few. Flying in for meetings near Heathrow Airport in London does not constitute "seeing" England. And just last week I got stuck in Atlanta after my scheduled 2 hour flight to Houston was more than 8 hours late. For the record, Terminal D at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is not Disney World; well, except for the food prices. And as much as Tom Hanks made living in an airport terminal look like fun (The Terminal), it's not. Yea, that's glamorous. 

Weather delays, mechanical problems, crew time-outs, turbulence, endless jet-lag, rookie travelers (no ma'am that won't fit in the overhead bin even if they magically doubled its size right here on the spot - why did they let you bring that down the jetway anyway?); yea that's glamorous.  Crying children, whining adults, disgruntled flight crews, overpriced snacks, tiny bathrooms, tiny seats, limited recline, no pillows, no blankets, too hot or too cold cabins; yea that's glamorous. Body scans, body pat-downs, no belts, no shoes, laptops out, confiscated cupcakes, TSA; yea, that's glamorous.

Before I seem completely ungrateful, let me say two positive things about traveling on business. 1) It means that I have a job, and 2) I earn valuable benefits like free trips that are just for fun.

I will close this post with a few personal travel statistics, 90% of which came from being a business "Road Warrior":

2.8 million miles flown

48 of 50 US states visited (all but Alaska & Delaware)

Spotted in 25 countries & over 1000 cities or towns

Over 1000 hotel nights stayed 

Over 300 cars rented

Dined at unknown thousands of restaurants including nearly 100 Buffalo Wild Wings

30ish extra pounds gained (see previous comment)

Yea, that's glamorous!

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  1. Delaware, go figure! I wonder how many hours of your life have been spent waiting for flights???

  2. hahahaha a lot of this is so true! but luckily for me, i get to plan out my own business trips and schedule myself time to see things while i travel. and it feels glamorous to stay in a nice hotel *cough*hilton*cough.* i also don't have a wife to cook for me and would eat out every meal if i had the money- so just another bonus of traveling! :)

  3. This makes me tired just thinking about it. I think I am such a homebody that I would hate to "have" to fly.

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