Thursday, March 8, 2012

Working out on vacation - not a working vacation

When you're on vacation, it's so tempting to substitute a morning mimosa for sun salutations. Or to opt for the cranberry and vodka instead of afternoon cardio. And the longer the vacation, the easier it becomes to skip exercise. After all, you're on vacation, right? And what's another day, right? You can always make up for it when you get back home...

I'm here to declare that the above is a lie, and to encourage you to not buy into the fallacy. If you work out regularly, your body is the first to know when you're cheating and it really doesn't like you very much for it. So, try a few things to help you stick with your routine and stay healthy:
  1. Have an accountability buddy to make you work out and vice versa
  2. Pack DVDs or have videos ready on your device to help you carry out a complete session
  3. Set the tone early in your vacation - even a short workout on the day after arrival counts
  4. Make sure you have motivational music on hand to keep your energy high
  5. Moderate the partying where possible (excessive eating, drinking, staying up all night...) - but of course still have fun!
  6. Remind yourself that there aren't really any excuses
When I had the pleasure of visiting Corey and Glen in Trinidad, Corey was great about keeping the workouts going - and it was FUN. Here are the workouts we did together:

Isometrics at its best
Intense stuff but it sculpts you

Great 30-minute workout

Yoga with cardio - not purist yoga but good workout
In short - yes, you can fit workouts into your vacation and not feel like it's a working vacation!
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