Thursday, May 24, 2012

Holding a torch ... for the 2012 Olympics

Olympic countdown, Trafalgar Sq.
A rather large event is coming up in the UK called the London 2012 Olympic games. Most people here are pretty excited about it, and this island which size-wise fits twice inside of Texas will be groaning beyond capacity with the demands of millions of visitors from around the world.

Thanks to my Mom, my sister and I are HUGE fans of the Olympics. We grew up eagerly following the sports, the drama, the back stories. So, this week, when we found out that the official Olympic Countdown Clock was live in Trafalgar Square, let's just say that NOTHING was stopping me from hot-footing it over there. I was even wearing my London 2012 t-shirt from Greg.  

While the photo opp was as fleeting as the seconds ticking away above my head, I measure it in my heart as a lasting memory going forward for my family life and upbringing. Mom, Dad and Melissa, this one's for you!  

P.S., the torch relay stories are really interesting too. The relay is bringing the Olympics within one hour of 95% of the UK population. How cool is that? 

P.P.S. here is a pic from one of the torch relay parades. Corey, this one's for you!


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