Saturday, September 29, 2012

Home is where you hang your 10 gallon hat

Five years ago today, I boarded a plane in Boston with a one-way ticket. Destination: Houston. I've gone back to Boston to visit, but in the figurative sense I've never looked back. 

View from our rooftop
In these five years, I've fallen in love with this city and its:
  • Friendly, open people 
  • Mix of nationalities 
  • Cool architecture and sense of design
  • Interest in preservation and sustainability
  • Amazing restaurant scene
  • Vibrant arts community
  • Growth and opportunity
  • Strong philanthropic streak
  • Warm climate (ok, the summers are brutal)

It's also been fun to discover that New Englanders were pretty off base when they warned me five years ago that Houston is full of cowboys and all they eat here is steak! We love showing off our city to visitors, and being local tourists ourselves.

Houston is:
  • Nearly the size of the state of Massachusetts
  • Home to 11,000 restaurants
  • The third largest home in the nation for consular offices
  • A 21% cheaper place to live than the nation's average city
  • Second only to NYC in our theater district capacity
  • Where more than 90 languages are spoken 
  • Host of the world's largest rodeo
  • Home to the world's largest medical center
  • The top port in international waterborne tonnage

Not to sound trite, but we're a city on the move. Sure, it's not perfect, but I'm amazed every day at how much is happening around us. It's perhaps most challenging to decide what to do on any given day. 

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm off to celebrate half a decade in H'town!

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