Monday, October 29, 2012

Wrath of the storm

Next exit: boats only, please
Sandy has arrived, and she's mad as a hornet. Our thoughts and prayers are with our family and friends in the Northeast (after all, I'm from up there) and we hope the damage from this massive storm is not what the pundits are predicting. 

When Hurricane Ike hit Houston in September 2008, Greg was just a few days post-surgery. We rode out the storm in our home with our trusty dog at our side, then lost electricity for 11 days. It sucked. The damage to our home was minor, but we had to rely on the kindness of friends for shelter.

Gross stuff bubbling up: Allen Parkway
It's not good to be where a hurricane passes, as I learned what it meant to be on the leading side of the storm, in the eye, and on the dirty side. The leading side is scary because it's dramatic and it sounds like a freight train is rushing by. You think your windows will bust right in. The eye is almost worse, because an eerie calm takes over with the air of inevitability, as if you're attached to a bungee cord over Victoria Falls and are about to be pushed over. Then the dirty side comes. All the junk swept up by crazy winds and rain goes everywhere, often causing the worst damage. Oh, and the real flooding. 

We're sincerely hoping that the parts of the country affected will get back to normal soon, and that Sandy will decide that she's easily bored and head back out to sea. 

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