Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Local and international fun in Houston

When you live in an international city, it's fun to seek out the world without traveling more than a few miles from home. Recently we experienced some great outings:

Danny Nguyen 5 year anniversary celebration - over-the-top fashions and great vibe (Greg got me a little fashion giftie) ...

... followed by late night Tex-Mex which hit the spot even if it wasn't the healthiest decision (no pic available - we hoovered it up)...

... a very fun holiday party complete with singing (Greg and I decided that our lip-synching was an early Christmas gift to everyone there) ...

... and a really nice lunch and visit with our friend Howard, in town for just a few hours, at The Pass and Provisions. It's a world-class restaurant and it's about a five-minute walk from our house!

People often ask how we know about stuff that's going on - it's easy:
- Find and follow local businesses and clubs on Facebook and Twitter
- Sign up for newsletters from your fave boutiques, galleries and cultural sources
- Become a member of a place you like
- Chat up people at events and ask them about upcoming happenings
- Get involved in a club that focuses on an activity you like 
- If you live in a college town, find out about lectures, exhibits and concerts (endowments are a good thing since they make many international things possible)

Happy hunting!

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