Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wanderlust and a Thirst for Local Knowledge

One Woman's Quest for her CTA (the acronym more traveled) -

Today, Brooke received her official certificate of designation as an official Houston CTA. For those unfamiliar, a CTA is a Certified Tourism Ambassador. I have lived here in Houston for nearly 38 years and Brooke knows more about her adopted city than I will probably ever know. Congratulations Brooke! 

Each day now, Brooke will start several conversations with the seemingly innocuous, "Did you know ___________ about Houston?" Or, "I do not think you know just how significant <insert year> was to the history of Houston?" Which of course I do not know of such significance, but regardless, I act impressed and amazed by her fountain of information. My former most popular response to her, "Yes dear!" has been replaced by the famous phrase coined by the late Johnny Carson, "I did not know that?"

When you are an AirBnB Super Host this certification comes in quite handy when asked uncommon questions like, "Where is the closest grocery store?" or, "Is the water safe to drink?" Seriously, we actually get that question quite frequently and I always quickly hide my Scooby Doo look for fear of offending a guest. Now, if this was <insert year>, that would be an excellent question to ask.

All joking aside, the vast amount of things that Brooke knows about Houston is mind-boggling. She is versed and knowledgeable in truly interesting historical facts that have changed the attitudes (towards Houston) in the minds of nearly every guest that we have had the privilege to host. Houston is richer for her enthusiasm for this great city.

Brooke Candelaria - Houston CTA
Are you curious about any Houston detail? Ask Brooke! Rumor has it that she has taught Alexa and Siri everything they know! She would make the Allen brothers proud. For more information check out

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