Monday, November 28, 2011

The "WE" Code

Every relationship (spouse, family, friends, pets, etc.) has a "WE" code even if you are not aware that one exists.  It is very important to understand the nuances of the "WE" code in order to remain calm and happy whenever the code is invoked. Everyone you will encounter has their own "WE" code and their own unique interpretation of exactly what is expected once it is dropped on you.

For clarification, I thought I would provide a list of the most common "WE" codes along with a few examples of Brooke's definition when speaking them specifically to me:

WE = WE (Both of Us)

"WE need to go to Sam's Club and pick up a few things."
WE = ME (Brooke)

"WE need to make dinner."
"WE need to go to Marshall's & TJ Maxx."
"WE need to go to the gym." 

WE = YOU (Greg)

"WE need to grill tonight." 
"WE need to go to Home Depot."
"WE need to do laundry."
"WE need to iron the clothing."
"WE need to make the bed."
"WE need to power-wash the deck."
"WE need to drive to upstate NY for Christmas."
"WE need to exercise/walk more."
"WE need to eat less wings."
"WE need to fill-up/wash the car."
"WE need to quit playing Fantasy Football."
"WE need to pay the bills."

WE = HIM or HER or THEM (Others including animals)

"WE need to get the oven repaired."
"WE need to clean the house."
"WE need to go pee-pee." (Cowboy Jack)

Valuable "WE" code Tips:
  • These codes should not be taken lightly nor for granted.   
  • Misinterpreting "WE" codes has been proven to cause moderate to extreme pain in the lower extremities, just above the hamstrings.  
  • When in doubt, always assume the comment was directed at you exclusively.  
  • When returning a code always assume the comment you are making is in reference to you exclusively.  
  • If you are having trouble identifying any WE=WE codes, assume that all those possibilities apply to you exclusively.  
  • If a third-party in a WE = HIM or HER or THEM is hard to discern, assume that it applies to you exclusively.
Any questions?  

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