Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's not to love about a pop-up?

... and I don't mean an expandable camper, either.

As a marketer, I've long adored the concept of the pop-up. It's a temporary, branded physical presence (e.g., store or lounge) available for a limited time only, from one night to a month or two. Some pop-ups are open to the public, some are open to select invitees, and the really smart ones run a combination. You can sample drinks or food, play new games, get your hair done, buy yourself goodies, have a gourmet meal ... the sky's the limit.

Here's a video for a pop-up shop with off-the-chart shoes for the holidays:

Why do I love pop-ups so much? Top o' the pops list:
  • they're appealing to us ADHD folks because they're so immersive and stimulate the senses (squirrel!)
  • they truly personify a brand
  • they have new and shiny stuff since the brand won't let a pop-up get trashed out
  • they have great freebies for people like us to try - and to spread the word!
I've been to a slew of pop-ups, checking out new products, sipping whiskey, playing pool incompetently, gawking over amazing art and design, fussing over hair blow-outs and enjoying fly-by-night dining. It never gets old (see first point above - squirrel!).

Today, Greg and I experienced the United/Continental VIP Lounge in the Galleria mall, located near Nordstrom. Show your Continental Chase Presidential Plus or Chase United airline affinity credit card, and you're in. Hand over a new unwrapped toy, and you get two United Club passes, free! How cool is that? We felt like VIPs and were excited about helping Toys for Tots.

Chase "Pop-up" VIP Lounge at the Houston Galleria
What was great about the experience:
  • friendly greeters
  • awesome design with plenty of seating
  • hello, free wi-fi and tons of power outlets
  • charging station for that smartphone you're running down while shopping/chatting/texting/sending pics/updating status/checking in everywhere
  • free gift wrapping
  • free food, tea and coffee
  • flat screen TVs
As with all good things, this will come to an end - on Christmas eve. But the ADHD side of me is okay with that, and looking forward to the next pop-up! In fact, we're going to another one next week. :-)

Have you had a cool pop-up experience? How did it make you feel?

p.s. love my credit card...and it loves me right back...

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  1. awesome - glad it was worth it...can you do it again next time? I want some passes! :-)
    xoxo from Trinidad

  2. so so jealous. i need to be on the look out for if anything ever happens in charlottesville. it should- this is such a cool town.


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