Thursday, December 22, 2011

"King of the Road" and Other Self-Proclaimed Titles

When you travel regularly for business like I do, you are summarily lumped into the single catch-all, category killing title of, "Road Warrior". Now that I have over 3 million air miles, shouldn't I be allowed to declare myself "Grand Pooh Bah of the Skies" or something? But I digress...

Us, just after arriving in upstate NY
This post is about our current (4th overall!!) driving trip from Houston, TX to New Hartford, NY; our noble dog Cowboy Jack in tow. For those who do not know NY State, New Hartford is located in the Mohawk Valley between Syracuse & Albany. It is a not so scant 1,800 miles from our home in Houston. A glorious trip that includes 3 days and 32 hours of driving weariness and more than a few stops at McDonald's for a wi-fi fix (you thought Big Mac, didn't you?)! If God had meant for people to drive to visit family for the holidays, He would not have allowed for the invention of jet planes, would He? 

My original plan to have Brooke drive up with the dog and then retrieve me from the Syracuse airport, three relaxing days later, was nixed without negotiation. A dedicated & loving husband (such as myself) knows when to fold his hand when it comes to what is apparently now a holiday tradition.  Traditions are, well, unbreakable, unmovable and unavoidable agreements between those who desire World Peace and personal contentment sans spousal ire.    

Can I get an AMEN!?
The trip "Back East" included couch-surfing in Birmingham, AL, on night number one followed by a great visit and stay with daughter & son-in-law (Tahni & Joseph) in Charlottesville, VA. We finally made it to New Hartford at the end of the 3rd driving day, which included the last 60 miles on a two lane road called NY Route 8. Eight being the number of sharp curves per mile I am sure. It should be noted that Cowboy Jack slept for 33 of the 32 hours of road time. 

Now, before I divulge our newly earned titles of self-importance (the original purpose of this post - SQUIRREL), I wanted to let you know that all is well with the world. Seeing and spending time with the family is very valuable, but what is a trip to the northern latitudes worth if it does not include a great wings eating experience at Cavallo's (see picture with wings not pictured)? NUFF said!   

Cavallo's in New Hartford - best wings outside of Buffalo
Without further ado: I hereby declare, proclaim and bestow, by my self-imposed power, the following duly earned titles upon myself, my lovely bride and where allowed by law and PETA, his most high dogness Cowboy Jack:  

Greg: "Driver of the Month", "Captain Road Rage", "General Garminator aka Nuvinator aka GPSter", "His Excellency the Street Czar", and "The Turbo Diesel Demon"  

Brooke: "The Great Tolerator", "Lead Speed & Route Advisor", "Head of Highway Direction Board", "Her Excellency the Duchess of Pit Stop" and "Queen Are You Talking to Me?" 

Cowboy Jack: "Pack Nap Leader aka His Fluffy Sleepness", "Meal Time Roll Call Commander", "His Excellency the Couldn't Care Less One", and of course our pet name (rim shot) for him - "Drowsy"

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