Saturday, December 24, 2011

Weather or Not, Here We Come!

It has been said that there are only two things that are certain in this life - death and taxes. This has been proven undeniably true, especially for the former. But, on the opposite extreme is the one thing that is nearly always uncertain and that is the weather. And its proclivity to be the opposite of one's expectation is at exactly the point when it matters most.  For instance, at the same time as one wants to travel, or to attend an event, or to go shopping or to work, or to simply get your groceries and yourself to the car while simultaneously remaining dry. 

So why blog about the weather? My grandfather used to always tell me, "Gregree (his pronunciation of my formal name Gregory), never talk to people about politics, religion or sex; just keep it to the weather!"  A different time and a different world for sure, however, the gist of his message has always been and always will be clear to me because no one is ever really offended by talk of the weather. But, everyone is affected by the weather every day of their lives. And everyone learns to make accommodations. 

We humans could learn a lot about patience and tolerance if we would just take a moment, get introspective, and then analyze the ways that we adjust our lives to the weather. Of course I would be lying if I said that the weather always brings out the good in me. Many would argue that second only to Fantasy Football and the occasional road rage, the weather stirs up my angst more often than not. I mean, come on now, does it really have to snow every single holiday that we spend in upstate NY? I suppose it is pretty and all, but I have noticed that it is always accompanied by freezing temperatures. But I am a reasonable person - next year in the Caribbean perhaps? Is that too much to ask? 

Asking for a little tanning weather in December is not a sign of intolerance nor a lack of patience. My situation is unique and different from everyone else; I am sure of it! Cold weather often causes me heartburn, dry skin, chapped lips, poor circulation, impaired vision, uncontrolled utterances and downright grouchiness. But I am not complaining because that would seem to disrupt the essence and meaning of this message, which is to extract a golden nugget from a weather metaphor, if you will.  

I have got to run now anyway. This means I have to start the car so that it can warm up for 10 minutes. Then I will put on my coat, my gloves, my hat, my scarf and my cheery disposition and head out for a few errands. I am now rethinking the value of my grandfather's advice. Perhaps he lived in simpler times when the weather was always one's friend and never disrupted one's life. Bah humbug!

Weather or not, here we come...       
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  1. LOVE that pic of you guys and Jack...are even kidding me?!?!! Y'all look adorable!
    we miss u...
    xoxo from Trinidad

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