Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let The Baking Tradition Begin!

As the song goes, "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" And that is certainly true here in Candelariaville (just a tad south of Hoo-Ville) as Brooke produces the 2011 edition of her Christmas tradition, baking cookies of all different kinds. 

Cowboy Jack offers to taste test!
This year she will not be as ambitious as last year when she spent the better part of two weeks making 66 dozen cookies.  Her 2010 contribution to many 2011 New Year's resolutions were understandable. 

So far this season she has made 6 different types of cookies and at this exact moment my nostrils are absorbing the following scents in random, but regular order - lemon, rosemary, mint, chocolate, raspberry, cranberry, Tabasco (oops wait, that is from my mushroom pasta that Brooke "threw" together for my lunch). 

Later there will be other great ingredients and aromas floating about like Sugar Plum Fairies from the Nutcracker (is that a mixed metaphor?). Believe it or not, cookies blended with cardamon, crystallized ginger, cumin and cayenne pepper. Brooke uses her skills as a chef to bring a savory side to baking. And the results are excellent!    

The kitchen has been taken over!
In a word: DELICIOUS!
Well I must go now as I have been called to cut the biscotti, which I have heard will be dipped in white chocolate. I must work up the strength to take this assignment...CIAO! 

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  1. Oh..Glen is SO missing his cookie basket this year...not that he is hurting for sweets here - Trinidad is sweet central. OMG. The biscotti sounds amazing...except w/dark chocolate though..bring that recipe.
    xoxo from Trinidad


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