Friday, December 9, 2011

Nearly 55 and a GLEEk!

So, when folks get to be my age they face the cultural and nearly uncontrollable vulnerability known as being "Middle Age Crazy".  For most this manifests itself into buying a fast sports car, or a second home in an exotic location, or a yacht that is moored on the inter-coastal waterway in Florida. As for me, I drive a VW Jetta TDI (diesel), have a single primary home in Houston, TX and I see a BOAT for what it stands for - Bring Out Another Thousand (dollars that is). The conundrum for me, as I quickly approach an age that matches the speed limit of the Carter administration, is that I find myself to be a GLEEk.

For those who are not aware, a GLEEk is a fan, or more appropriately, an addict of the Fox Network show GLEE. 

I am not exactly sure how this happened to me, but I do know that I cannot seem to extricate myself from either watching or liking the program. Perhaps it is the blend of music that includes a bit standards, a dose of Classic Rock, a little original music, and then topped up with today's modern pop culture music? Maybe it is my unconscious desire to be back in high school surrounded by friends with amazing talents, great looks and great hair.

Actually, I think that GLEE simply resonates (and across generational lines) because it is so unrealistic and so outright entertaining for those who want to watch TV without the need to bring your brain.  

There is some odd and unusual comfort in watching a show that in no way matches ones own personal experience. So you know, I am not envious nor jealous of the GLEE life, but I would like to be Sue Sylvester for just one day.  That is what makes one a devout GLEEk.

Well done GLEEk, well done!

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  1. The singing is simply spectacular!

    They attack some serious issues too, but express them in a light-heartedly way. I guess if everyone can sing through their problems, how difficult can life be? It is difficult for a lot of people in this country, I hope everyone can, once in a while, have the GLEE spirit or moment...


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