Sunday, January 22, 2012

To iPhone or Not To iPhone

...that is the question! If Shakespeare were living today, this may have been a dichotomy for him as well.

Technology Squared!
So yesterday, I too was seduced by the iPhone. I am quite sure that I heard the song of the siren when I walked into the Sprint store. If you have read Homer's "Odyssey", then you know that the Sirens sing a song so irresistible that none can hear it and escape. Alas, I am now trapped! Sucked into the iPhone culture and destined to a life that condemns those who would carry another type of smart device that does not start with a lower case "i". I can no longer look at a cloud in the sky and call it by that name because the only cloud of value is the iCloud. A virtual place where magic happens and apps are born.

It is truly insidious as this new technology begins to take over one's life. It forces me to write in the third person because this surely cannot be happening to me? Was life really less complicated and less busy for me just 24 hours ago? Aren't I more productive? Is it now impossible for me to tap out a text message because I have been enabled by a woman named Siri who will do this for me and even ask me politely to confirm and validate her work? Do I no longer need a map nor even any conscious knowledge of where I am in the entire time and space continuum. May I forever quit remembering useless trivia like where I live, or what is on my schedule and when, or the mathematical constant known as Pi, or where to locate a recipe to bake a pie? Have I become so enabled and efficient that I will have more knowledge even as I become less wise from an atrophy to my brain? Will my ADHD and OCD tenancies be aided and improved in a world where technology makes my very own intelligence artificial?

Had Shakespeare had an iPhone perhaps he would have faced a similar conundrum so profound as to write Hamlet as a comedy; leaving the tragedy to those who would succumb to the 2nd greatest temptation in history involving an apple. One thing I do know for sure, he could have gotten Siri to get him the definition for "soliloquy" in less than 30 seconds...'tis noble indeed!
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  1. My guess is that Shakespeare wouldn't have invited 1700 words becuase Siri would have kept questioning his work ;)

  2. whatevz. life is better because of it. :)


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