Thursday, March 29, 2012

On being a localist ...

Russian Spring event at Discovery Green
Unless you've been under a rock for the past few years, you're well aware of the massive locavore movement to live, sight-see, eat, shop, play, consume, grow, breathe and what-have-you anything local. It used to be just about food sourcing. But now, anything that's grown, designed, fabricated or pulled from the ground less than 100 miles away (ideally, a leisurely bike ride away) is hip. 

A decade ago, few people knew what CSA meant. Now it's common to overhear conversation about CSA shares or half-shares and the fab mushrooms and killer zucchini delivered last week. The more progressive we seem, the more we look to the past (think of your average medieval market town!).

I've long been a fan of all things local because there's a certain pride of association with the great things we have right where we live. You might say I'm a localist (my made-up word) - an expansion of the locavore term. And we had a fantastic localist weekend in H'town. 

It started with dinner on Friday at REEF - one of our fave Gulf coast seafood spots courtesy of Bryan Caswell and Bill Floyd. It was my first experience with tile fish - I'm hooked! We all tried new things.
Zodiac heads in the Chinese astrology tradition
Saturday brought about stunning weather, and everyone was out enjoying it. We hit Hermann Park to check out the fascinating Zodiac Heads exhibit by Ai Weiwei. These monsters weigh more than 800 pounds each!

We topped off the day with visits to a few of the 100-plus galleries participating in the biennial Fotofest photography exhibit. Houston hosts the country's largest and oldest such exhibit; the theme for 2012 is Russian contemporary photography. 

Sunday delivered incredible weather again. And everyone came out again. With the temp in the 80s, it was a perfect day for playing in Discovery Green. 

And, for a stop in at the MKT Bar at Phoenicia. Love their fresh, house-made selections. 
Gelato at MKT Bar - the Apple & Blue Cheese is next to the mint chocolate

Everything we did was fewer than five miles from our home.  How cool is that?
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