Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vegas on a Company Dime!

Vegas Travel Trivia Fun Fact: LAS airport is the 7th busiest in the USA and the 20th busiest in the world (by passenger traffic)! And it always seems like everyone comes and goes at the very same time....

Greg had another business trip to Vegas, and while it will never be my first choice of destinations, I'm happy to have returned. In our initial negotiations I agreed to go based on the pool availability. And, as Murphy's Law would have it, the temperature was in the high 30s at night and generally 50s or 60s during the day. 

That's ok. It was still a getaway and I enjoyed watching the usual bead-wearing, yard of margarita toting, hazy-eyed tourists looking for the next drink and a good bargain (the former of which is plentiful, the latter much less so in this city these days). I got in a lot of walking, some working out and some awesome meals. 

As tawdry as the city is, there is still beauty to be found. Like the approach as you fly in.

Or, as you walk through the airport which appropriately hints at the over-stimulation you'll encounter on the strip.

The dancers who are astonishingly bendy.  

Retro-cool, like this old McDonald's.

Sculptural art you see everywhere, like this lighting at St. Mark's Square at The Venetian.

Over-the-top designs like this walkway.

And a few authentic items, like this antique cash register brought from the UK which sits inside my fave pub, Nine Fine Irishmen. Funnily enough, that pub is always full of visitors from the UK. I thought they came to Vegas to get away from it all??

And, of course, the nightlife. The streets are heaving with every possible representation of humanity, and that's what makes it so exciting. 

But in the end, I was happy to head back to Houston (the fourth largest city in the US) for peace, quiet and affordable dining.
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