Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Born on the bayou: something's brewing in Houston

The craft beer rage is at fever pitch. Draft Magazine reports that 2,000 craft breweries are operating in the US today, and it looks like Americans just can't get enough of small-batch, high quality brews. I think part of this is the coolness factor to beer literacy, but also with gastronomy being where it is today, more exotic dishes lead to more discriminating palates. Here in the Buffalo Bayou region, we're proud of our local suds. 
Despite having worked as a brewery tour guide, I don't actually consume much beer, but I like the culture and history surrounding it. Call it 'the story of beer.' 

Houston has its share of craft brewers: 
Saint Arnold Brewing Company
Karbach Brewing Company
City Acre Brewing Company
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company
8th Wonder Brewery  

We checked out an event recently at the Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company, a new-ish company housed in a warehouse in the middle of a Heights neighborhood. The event was centered around the launch of a food trailer (always a cause for celebration), and was made positively festive by live music.

Imagine my delight at being able to bask in the warm sunshine, while at my former home in Boston folks were sledding and shoveling. Out of respect, I toasted them with a delicious sip of 1836. It's great stuff and the description they give it is:

If you ask what 1836 stands for, we'll ask you to put down our beer and leave our country. 


Ha! 1836 is when Houston was founded on the banks of Buffalo Bayou (at a place known as Allen's Landing). Good trivia to have on hand. And we couldn't resist their awesome t-shirt:


Do you have local breweries you visit and tour? What makes them special for you?

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  1. What a perfect day that was! I still have yet to do the Saint Arnold's tour... on my "Houston Bucket List". We need to grab a tulip or snifer at Haymerchant soon too ;)

  2. Hi Stephanie! Truly, it was. I told Greg his resulting tan was fantastic! The Saint Arnold's tour is fairly detailed and a little more academic, but still very fun. You need to get there EARLY. We'll be more than happy to hit the Hay again soon - don't forget the 30 for 3 (30 varieties on fire sale for $3 each) between 3.30 and 6.30 pm. It's an amazing deal.


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