Tuesday, February 12, 2013

For the love of art: Wade Wilson Art is awash in color

Houston is a city where you can get up-close and personal with some exceptional art created by brilliant talent from all over the world. 

Consider the gallery of Wade Wilson. He has a keen eye for talent, and especially for artists who are adept at large-scale works filled with rich layering, texture and dimension. Any opening there is a guaranteed hit, because there will always be a piece or five which speak to you. Oh, and the people who attend the events are also colorful and engaging.

Recently we checked out a multi-artist show, and this gallery continues to feature serious artistic merit.

Houstonian Justin Garcia is a master of mixing oil, acrylic and compound texture. Standing close to his canvases, you see bubbling and crackling on the surface. It's just so yummy. His philosophy is that 'art is the doorway to discovering the answers that lie behind our innate curiosity.'

Hans de Bruijn, a conceptual expressionist, was trained at the Royal Arts Academy in The Hague. He does wonders with juxtaposed positive and negative images, with layers upon layers of paint. I found his work to be playfully abstract yet architectural, and his brushstrokes lush and seductive. 

Thomas Glass loves the art of collage, and reminds me a little of Picasso plus Miro plus Cezanne. His works are huge riots of color, with plenty of little surprises to keep you absorbed in studying his work.

Houston boasts dozens of art galleries in its thriving art community. Get out and put yourself in the middle of it - you'll be glad you did. Pin It Now!


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